Mal Thursday

The Malarians: Know/Finished In This Town - CD

Chunk Archives proudly presents the deluxe CD reissue of two releases from Mal Thursday's 1980s neo-garage band the Malarians. Widely regarded as the band's finest hour, the blistering five-track vinyl EP 'Know' was originally released in 1988, featured the band's classic line-up: Mal Thursday, Johnny Tomorrow, Bob Medley, Slater Awn, and Lime Ricky. The record went top 20 on the CMJ charts and sold out of its original pressing in weeks. The equally feverish 1989 live recording 'Finished In This Town' features only two original Malarians, Mal and bassist Slater Awn, and a rawer, more grunge-punk approach than the band's more polished studio recordings. Last copies!

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