Mal and the Machine

THE MAL THURSDAY QUINTET is currently at work on its debut LP, If 6 Was 5, at various recording studios in Texas, Massachusetts, and Oregon.  A 3-song 7-inch is expected out before the end of 2019. The Quintet's current release…

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Malathon 2018

This holiday season finds Mal up to his eyeballs in debt. The same back injury that torpedoed the Mal Thursday Quintet live album also resulted in tens of thousands of dollars worth of hospital bills and other medical expenses.


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Happy Halloween! I'm Back!

...Just when you thought blogging was dead....

BLOG! by Mal Thursday

Today's entry: "Happy Halloween! I'm Back!

Yes, it's the return of a holiday classic, The Mal Thursday Show's Halloween Special:

Mal Thursday returns to the lab to reanimate the…

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