The Chunk Records Story 

 Chapter One: Chunk Records is Born

Back in the Spring of 1986, I had just graduated from Hampshire College with a largely useless Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Theatre. I split up with my cute L.A. girlfriend, who promptly went home and started dating some dickhead whose video was getting played regularly on MTV (for the record, it was one of the guys from David and David -- I think his name was David). After six years as a college student, I was thrust into the real world with no…

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Surreal Cinema: The Complete Series 2006-2007 

Once upon a time, I was the friendly Friday night movie host with the most on good 'ol Channel 22 WQXT, a local TV station in Northeast Florida. Because the name "Mal Thursday" was deemed "too radio" by the station owner, I was renamed "Michael West."

Below is a list of movies we presented during my tenure on the ultra-low budget movie series 'Surreal Cinema,' home of the "wildest and weirdest movies that time forgot to remember to forget."

with Michael West

Abbott &amp…

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Garage Days Revisited 

  Originally published in The Orlando Weekly

We The People and the Rise and Fall of Orlando's Garage Rock Scene

By J.M Dobies  

Summer 1966. At places like the Orlando Youth Center, Leesburg Armory, or the Coconut Teen Club, the scene is the same. Hundreds upon hundreds of teens are dancing to the beat stomped out by one or more of the top local bands. The group onstage may be the Rockin' Roadrunners or possibly Nation Rocking Shadows or Daytona's Allman Joys with Gregg and…

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The Ballad of Bill Lee 

                  The Ballad of Bill Lee  The former Boston and Montreal left-hander on the Sox, Fenway, and smokin’ with Dubya By J.M. Dobies


THEN: 1973 saw Lee playing for a poor Sox team, and drowning his sorrows puffin’ down with W.

To longtime members of the Red Sox Nation, William Francis Lee III, a/k/a “the Spaceman,” is either one of the most beloved players to have ever worn a uniform for the Boston nine, or…

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Daredevils of Drink: Drunk Stuntmen Cheat Death at Ralph's 

Originally published in the Worcester Phoenix


Drunk Stuntmen Cheat Death at Ralph's

by Mal Thursday

When the Northampton-based Drunk Stuntmen – guitarists Steve Sanderson, Al Johnson, Terry Flood, bassist Scott "Bau Bau" Brandon, keyboard player Scott Hall, and drummer Dave (no relation to Fred) Durst – play Ralph's this Saturday night, it will be the band's first area appearance in over five years.

"Last time we played Worcester was at Ralph's, with a band called Chillum, as in the…

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